Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Yikes - it's Monday. I feel overwhelmed thinking about all I have to do.

I just looked at the calendar and see that some DMV registrations are due today (the 2 motorcycles and the quad). So I'll have to get to AAA today to get that done.

Plus, I have to take the dog's paperwork to the City to renew his registration.

Which reminds me, I can't forget to get Little Boy registered for his swimming lessons. Was it this week that they start a new session, or next week? Argh.

Of course, I need to quickly get the house picked up and laundry started - ideally before Little Boy wakes up.

And some time today, I have to make sure that I get an account opened up to begin accepting credit cards in my jewelry business, since I booked my first jewelry show (my sister's show). Not sure how long it takes to activate an account like that, so I better get it going quick.

I should probably plan tonight's dinner, since I don't wanna feel overwhelmed when the times comes - and the day will fly by before I know it.

And the fish tank looks a little murky - I really have to get that cleaned out today. I put it off last week, and it looked bad then.

I also have to make sure the 20 yr old mows the lawn today (mental note: make sure he puts the right kind of gas in the lawnmower - regular gas, not pre-mix. Regular is in the big white container, pre-mix is in the small red container). Plus, I really need to find the time to sit and chat with him about his responsibilities here at home - and his attitude.

I wanted to get my hair cut today. Wonder if I'll have time.

I usually change the bedsheets on Mondays, but maybe I'll skip it this week...although, come to think of it, I think I skipped it last week...but come on, how dirty can they be? ..we shower before bed...ok, I'll skip it.

But as I remember, I have been putting off the ironing too, and its stacking up. Poor hubby doesn't have those shirts to wear if they're sitting in the basket, but he never complains about it. He just wears the same old knit shirts that don't need ironing. I better get to that this week. Not today though.

I talked to a friend at church yesterday and she mentioned going to the "free movies" (Some theaters show family movies for free during the summer) I don't think I'll be able to go this week. Maybe next week.

It's 7am.

I got up at 5:45 - got hubby up and out by 6am. What have I been doing for an hour??? Eesh. I gotta get off this computer and get going for the day.

Think I could possibly fit exercise into my day? How about playing with my child? Or...most importantly...I've noticed that the days I've been blogging about have not contained any bible reading. That needs to be a priority!

- that, and exercising.

- those two things, and playing with my kid.

- those things, and planning a date night with hubby, because if I don't, we just fall into "maintaining" our household as co-workers - and that's not good.

- all that, and making sure I spend time with my friends, because they give me the encouragement I need to do all of it

Yeah, those things are most important.

But I still have to make sure I pay the DMV today. And register the dog.

I am definitely overwhelmed today. Better get going and away from this office. I'd love to sit and have my coffee while I watch the news for at least a 1/2 hour...but my 20 yr old's friend spent the night in the family room, so...sssshhhhhh...I gotta be quiet - and I definitely can't clean up that room right now.

I guess I really don't have time for the hour by hour blogging today. I gotta hit this day running.

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