Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Monday Again

It's Monday again. A new start. New aspirations for the week.
I'll keep the house neat every day. I'll do my housework really quick so I can sit and enjoy my son being home for summer vacation. I'll plan the menu for the week. I'll make little boy pick up his toys every night before going to bed. And I'll start patching him regularly like I should. I'll start walking...and dieting. Life will be much more organized...starting today. Yes, Monday is a clean slate.

I wake up at 6am and get up with hubby. I make his coffee. But there's nothing to make him for breakfast and nothing to pack him for lunch. Mental note: go grocery shopping today.

6:30 - Hubby goes to work. I sit and have my coffee and watch the news on TV. But the Coffee tastes gross! I see that the coffee is not "brewing" all the way through. Run Vinegar through pot to clean it out. Run fresh water through it to clean out the vinegar. seems to work OK.

7am: Check email and finish blog post I started last night

8am: Start laundry

9am: Little Boy wakes up and wonders who he should invite to play with him on his water slide. Mental Note: Go grocery shopping really fast so we can invite a friend to play with him.

9:30: Remembered dog's rabies is due this week. Need to groom him before I stick him in the car to take him to the vet, cuz his butt hair has a bunch of poop balls hanging and I don't want that in my new car. Called Vet for info. Called Groomer to schedule an appt.

10am: Mom calls - needs me to take her to deliver her "specimen" (don't' ask) to the lab, and then she needs to pick her her RX at Walmart.

Continue laundry.

Hmm...Bathroom clock has stopped. Better change the battery now while I'm thinking about it.

11am: Shower and make Little Boy get dressed and ready so we can take Mom on her errands.

Noonish: Pick up mom. Go to lab. She takes us to lunch (McDonalds inside Walmart).
But mom isn't picking up her RX...she's only just getting it filled. Walmart's pharmacy is closed between 1230 and 130pm. (Annoying!) Now we gotta walk around Walmart, killing time. (I hope I still have time to grocery shop and invite a friend to play!)

1:30: (finally!) Mom drops off her RX. They say it will take an hour. She'll have Dad pick it up later.

2pm: Little Boy really doesnt wanna go grocery shopping with me, so I take him and Mom home and go shopping by myself (much more enjoyable this way anyway). I hit Sam's Club, and then Albertons for the stuff Sam's doesn't have. Hope the food from Sam's is OK in the trunk while I run into Albertons - it's so hot in the car.

3:30: Get home, put groceries away. Gotta pick up Little Boy.
Before I got, I'll take clothes out of dryer, put in new load to dry, and new load to wash.
An I better turn on the water for the water slide to cool it off.
Oh yeah, better give the dog some water, since its 105 degrees outside.
While I'm at it, I better water the plants.
One more thing - I should check the machine to see if the dog groomer called. Yes, they called, I really should call them back right now to schedule that appt.
One last thing while I'm thinking about playmate to see if he can come play. No one's home, left a message.

4pm - go pick up Little Boy at Mom's.

4:30 - We're home. He' s mad cuz nobody is here to play. I've called three neighborhood kids and nobody's home/available. I tell him that's just life and he can just go play by himself today. I tell him that instead of being angry, he should be thankful that he's had friends here for the past four days. He's not agreeing and he storms off to his room. I tell him to go to him take 10 minutes to cool of cuz now he's just being rude to me. We do this a few times until he finally cools off. (I'm making a conscious effort to not yell and get angry at his little tirade! I'm trying to "model" self control, after all)

5pm - finish cleaning up kitchen and family room (a disaster!)
Continue with laundry

5:30- start preparing dinner (roast beef and cream cheese wraps, cuz it's too hot to cook!)

6pm - Hubby's home so I scramble to assemble the wraps. Oh, he's not hungry cuz he ate a big lunch and he's been snacking all day and he just guzzled a Gatorade on the way home. I feed Little Boy and myself. (Mental note: next time I make wraps, less cream cheese and more roast beef. Otherwise, they are good!)

Wow, all of a sudden I feel tired. I mention this to hubby..he says "why?" (Why??? Why??? Gee, I don't know why I'm tired, after all, I've been sitting and watching soap operas and eating bon bons all day, right?)

7:30: Hubby is yelling from the yard..."do you know where the drainage holes in the grass are?" We spend time poking holes in the grass looking for them - we found a couple. (We are draining the water slide).

8pm - Gotta sit and watch American Gladiators with Little Boy.

9pm- He decides he wants mac and cheese.

930 - Sit and write this post.

10pm - Shower time for Little Boy.
I wonder where my older son is? I better give him a call. (he's always busy with various things in his schedule: Work, Band, Girlfriend, having fun...)

Oh, he's home. He's been home since 8pm and has been asleep in his room. He's cranky and hot (we're not running our air cuz we dont wanna pay the high electric bill. Yes, we are all suffering through this heat wave). I tell him to come out to the living room where it's cooler. He does and we sit and chat in the dark for a few minutes.

10:30 lay down with little boy to watch TV till he gets sleepy. We watch George Lopez. (totally not a kid's show, but he likes it and I'm too tired to argue)

11pm - Make sure Little Boy gets up to pee, cuz he drank something at 10pm.

1130 - I shower, and get in bed. Read for a while.

Midnight - Time to move that 60 lb sleeping boy to his own bed. Man, he's heavy.


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