Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26, 2008 (Wed)

NOTE: I am really starting to bore myself with these hour by hour entries. How about you? I should have started this during the school year for some high drama!

5:30 am
already? Make breakfast, coffee and lunch for hubby...

6am - Computer time.

Side note: I gotta tell you what I did last night before I went to bed. When I got in the shower, I took a Mr. Clean Eraser with me (if you've never heard of it or tried one - FIND ONE AND BUY ONE!) While I was showering, I scrubbed my shower. I felt so good when I went to bed, knowing I didn't have to scrub the shower today! I used to use Comet and/or Scrubbing Bubbles, and I would scrub for a long time, but it would never quite get clean cuz it has all these little grooves on the surface. One day, I tried the Mr. Clean Eraser and it just wiped clean! Amazing! (is it sad that cleaning my shower is a highlight?)

6:30 - Coffee, bowl of cereal and morning news

7:30 - Start Cleaning the house!

9:30 - Still Cleaning. Little Boy just woke up - a tiny bit crabby

Put away the HUGE pile of clean clothes that has been sitting in my room since Monday's laundry.

I don't feel like cleaning, so I'm kinda in s l o w m o t i o n. I keep stopping to do unimportant stuff. Some days are like this, and some days I get done quickly! If I can get done by noon, I'll be happy.

1130am - Lunch - cuz I'm starting to feel the coffee boring a hole in my stomach

Little Boy is with his brother and they are cracking up, watching the Chocolate Rain video on youtube (and all the spoofs related to it..their favorite is McGruff the Crime Dog singing it). and they keep yelling, "MAMA! MAMA! COME WATCH DARTH VADER SING CHOCOLATE RAIN!!!". Ok, I'll humor them.

Noon - OK - all I need to get done is the kitchen. But I'm gonna shower and get dressed first.

1230 - The 20 year old left for work, and the trash is ONCE AGAIN full. But it's not quite overflowing. I consult my mom network (send cellphone photo of trash can with a text to another mom) and we decide that it qualifies as "full", therefore, worthy of a "fine".

- Prepare car for doggy-ride to the vet

(Just so you know, this is a major outing for the dog. And to give you an idea of what I'm in for, I refer to him as the "bucking bronco". )

2pm - At the vet. That dog is hard to wrangle through a parking lot and store. The floors of the store are slippery for him, so he is moving his legs as fast as he can, but he's just sliding and not going anywhere cuz he's on the leash. People look at us and laugh. (writing a check while holding onto him is a barrel of fun)

- Finally home. And covered in dog drool.

One thing I forgot about was that the door in the back of the SUV is broken, so instead of staying up when you lift it up, it falls straight down. So when I got to the vet, I lifted the door, and then remembered it was gonna fall on my head, so I put my hand up real quick, and the door fell on my fingernail and it ripped a little bit way low in the pink of the nail. Ouchie.

4pm - Finish cleaning up the kitchen and the laundry room.

Did I mention the toilet needs fixing? The chain that lifts the flap in the tank broke. Hubby took the cover lid off the tank and said we could flush it by hand (in the tank) until we got it fixed. I connected the flap to the chain with a safety pin, and viola! its fixed!

Uh-oh - Little Boy has karate tonight, and I didn't wash his shirt. (it would seem logical to invest in another shirt, but alas, I'll probably just have him wear it dirty...after all, he's just gonna go sweat in it again...) And furthermore...we somehow lost one of his karate shoes. We searched everywhere but can't find it. So now we gotta buy him another pair.

4:15pm - Whew! Just finished mopping the kitchen

Gonna sit and have a soda after that job! Gonna see what's on Dr. Phil real quick.

Never made it to Dr. Phil cuz I had to put new batteries in a Darth Vader Head, and then I got busy doing something else.

I feel kinda bad that I haven't done too much with Little Boy today, but he played with a friend yesterday, and tomorrow his aunt and uncle will be here, so its ok for him to have a mellow day, I guess.

Ya know, it seems that I'm not mentioning any tantrums or me losing patience with him, but he's been pretty good! Also, I feel it worth mentioning, that a few months ago, I was tormented with myself for always feeling impatient and yelling at him. I asked God to give me patience and guess what, He did. I'm not saying I don't yell at him. But it's really decreased a lot. I imagine if I keep blogging about my'll get to experience some of the frustrations. Usually they come during the school year when there's the pressure of homework, and getting things done before bedtime. Right now we're free as birds. (Chirp Chirp)

4:45pm - Little boy is walking around right now with his Darth Vader head on. It was cute at first, but now I'm growing weary of the voice changing sound it makes.

He wants to go play out front, but I say No, he can go out in the back cuz I can't watch him in front at the moment. So he is having a cow about it. (Come on, dude, cant you see I'm blogging?????) I tell him that I have been cleaning all day and now I am taking a few moment to relax - absolutely true!

5:45 - to karate! (reading time, yay!)

7:30pm - home for dinner. My friend, Del cooked for us today. You know Del, don't ya? Del Taco? (We can all eat for $10 off the value menu!)

After dinner - outside to play!

Friend of mine called and is babysitting granddaughter and they stopped by to visit for a little bit.

10pm - showers and George Lopez Show.

11pm ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

1 am - fell asleep too long! Now I gotta lug the 60 pounder to his own bed. (this is a BAD habit we're getting into here. Summer vacation is full of broken rules, isn't it?)

Until tomorrow...

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