Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008

Note: This is a relatively uneventful, boring post. Just thought I'd warn you beforehand.

Today I have written off doing anything useful. And you know what? I'm ok with that. It's taken me a while to realize that some days, nothing gets done. What I've learned is that the "mess" will wait for you. It will still be there when you decide to get to it. Your kids, however, grow up too fast.

I got up at 7:30am and got dressed (and nagged Little Boy into getting dressed!) and headed to my mom's for a weekly bible study. We ended up going a bit long, but it was good.

At around 11:30, I left and ran home cuz the dog groomer got there and I had to give her my specific directions. ("Shave his butt and sorry that it's full of poop".)

Groomer was done at around 1pm - Groomer said he was full of foxtails (little stickers) and that she had removed a lot of them, but he still had a lot.

1:30 - Ran to Wal Mart with hubby. (he worked at home today)

2:30 - Hosed off the back yard for any pre-grooming poops that might still be laying around.

3:30 - Wasted/spent time on the internet.

4:30 - Hubby said he hadn't eaten all day and wants food.

Dinner today was canned baked beans with chopped up wieners and a side salad (I am committed to "no frills" dinners this week!)

5pm -Little Boy wanted to do his worksheet book (bought him a 2nd grade book at Sam's Club to do this summer so he doesn't get "rusty" on all the stuff he learned this year!) He did a few pages and had fun!

5:30 - suggested we take a walk - and this time, we took the dog AND the hubby! I think we all enjoyed it (and needed it!)

7pm - Hung around outside with hubby and Little Boy, and also removed a TON of stickers from the dog's fur/skin. (ouch...can't believe he let me do so many)


8:30pm - YACKED WITH HUBBY for awhile sitting in the dark living room with Elton John blasting.

9:30 - Watched TV with Little Boy (Home Improvement)

10pm - shower time for Little Boy

10:30 BLOG!

Think about what I've got to do tomorrow - take the dog for his rabies shot, and clean the house cuz my sis and her hubby are coming on Friday! (not that it will be clean by Friday if I clean it tomorrow...)

11pm - Shower and Bedtime (to finish reading The Penny)

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