Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008

NOTE: I know this hour-by-hour thing will get boring pretty quick - so I won't do this forever. Just enough times for you to get the general idea. After that, I can just fill you in on the "highlights" of my day.

Yeah, highlights. Like the dog story below - that is definitely what you call a "highlight". Ugh.

- up and running: make coffee, breakfast, and pack hubby's lunch.

6am - Get on computer, check emails. Finish blog post from last night.

6:30 - Wow, I feel like I kinda am getting a headache. I'm gonna lay on the couch and watch TV to see if I can get rid of it.

- WHAT? I slept for almost 2-1/2 hours?????? Sheesh. But at least my headache is gone.
I cant believe Little Boy is still sleeping - I'm enjoying a quiet cup of coffee..

9:15 - He's awake!
We argue about the fact that yes, he has to brush his teeth every morning.

9:30 - clean up around house: make beds, put stray stuff away

10:30 - only 85 degrees today - maybe we should go walking. I'll take the dog, too.
I get myself dressed and tell Little Boy to get dressed.

11am - We're out the door. BUT, as I'm leashing the dog, I notice that everywhere he sits, he leaves a BIG POOPY BUTT PRINT. (this is gross to even write about..but if you are mad at me cuz you have to read it, remember, I had to live it) As I'm wondering if I should even take him when he's this grossly dirty, he proceeds to SHAKE HIS WHOLE BODY, AND POOP FLIES EVERYWHERE. (Its in slow motion in my memory) So I stuff him back in the yard and we go walking without him.

I hate that dog. I really do. And if you are an animal lover and disgusted by that statement, you are certainly welcome to come clean the poop off his butt anytime. I'm so glad the groomer comes tomorrow.

The walk was nice - Little Boy was very chatty.

Noon - back from our walk and into the showers cuz we felt we still had poop on us (plus we are really sweaty)


After lunch I wasted/spent some time on the internet.

2pm - Patched Little Boy. Because of the fact that he hates this so much, and will cheat/peek if left to his own devices, I need to be with him every moment of his patching so that:
a) he won't cheat
b) he'll be distracted and it will be easier for him.

3:30: started preparing dinner (chopped tuna salad) so I can throw it together later.

Also realized that my 20 year old has ONCE AGAIN left the house without emptying the kitchen trash can. It is in a constant state of overflowing. Last week we told him that he would be fined $10 each time he left with the kitchen trash full. I guess we gotta do what we say, huh?

4pm - clean up, and pick up stray stuff laying around the house.
Continue laundry

And...waste/spend more time on the internet. (funny how I'm really conscious of every minute spent now that I"m blogging about it.)

- Find Karate Clothes in the pile of clothes on my bed. (Again, thank you , Lord that at least it's a pile of clean clothes!)

- go to Karate class. This is semi-enjoyable because I have an excuse to sit and read for 45 minutes (woohoo!)

7pm- On my way home, gotta stop and get some goodies for tomorrow's bible study.

Get home and "assemble" dinner

7:30 - Help hubby fold up and put away water slide. BLAAAGH - the ground underneath smells like a sewer since the slide has been sitting there for three days!
Plus, I also hose off the sidewalk, cuz there is DOG POOP BLOBS all over the place. I soooo hate that dog.

8pm - Finally sit down for dinner. Hubby is kinda nervous about eating "salad" for dinner.

8:30 - Hubby and I sit in front room for about an hour and "chat".

9pm - BLOG, read news, search recipes on internet. (yeah, I"m on the computer again - got a problem with that?)

10:30 - Showers and pj's

11pm - read in bed for awhile. (Reading Joyce Meyer's novel, "The Penny" - so far it is very sad)

Midnight - ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz...

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  1. Hi! I got your post to my blog, so I thought I'd come visit. Your dog story was hilarious. I love animals, but I have found that now that I have kids, I have zero tolerance for any additional poop in my life.