Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Come Back!

I decided to try the Swiffer Wet Jet. Just for kicks. And because Sam's Club had the starter kit.

I have a linoleum floor in my kitchen. It's white and has little grooves where all the dirt gets trapped. I have, on occasion, gotten on my hands & knees and taken a green scouring pad and scrubbed each groove until my floor looked all white. But mostly, I just mop as best I can, and live with the linoleum floor that I'm not that crazy about...knowing that one day we'll put in a good floor.

Anyway - back to the Wet Jet.

I tried it. And I could not believe how DIRTY the cleaning pad was after the first run-through.

But I was thrilled that maybe...just maybe..I could finally get those little grooves clean! Woohoo!

Below are photos of the first, second and third cleaning that I did - one right after the other. Yuck! Disgusting! I'm almost embarrassed to show the photos.

But, Wow! I am sold on the Wet Jet - it definitely lifts the dirt off your floor, don't ya think?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ouch Report

When I saw the caller ID at 1:45pm, I wondered what was wrong. It was my son's school. And the secretary took so long to get to the point...


Hiiiii...Thiiiiiis iiiis Jennnniiiifffeerrr froooommm schoooool. (pause) I haaaaave yooouuuur sonnnn iiiiiin the offffiiiiicce...

I wanted to yell - JUST TELL ME IF HE'S OK!!!!!!!!!!


Well, the sum of the matter was that he cut himself with scissors.

On the nose.

Yeah - he cut his nose with scissors.


Is he crying? - I asked.

- No, He's doing ok, he's not crying.

Is it bad enough to need stitches?

- No. But it's bleeding a bit. (pause) Actually, the bleeding seems to be stopping now, he's been applying pressure.

OK. So we should come get him then.

(By this time, Hubby, who had picked up the phone at the same time and heard the whole thing, was running around looking for his shoes and his keys.)


We walked in and there was that sweet little boy, sitting in the office with his feet dangling from the chair, holding an ice pack wrapped in a paper towel against his little nose. I had him remove the towel so I could see. On the tip of his nose, there was a little red "U". He had cut the tip. The bleeding seemed to be almost stopped. He kept dabbing it, and leaving little red "u" prints on the towel. But then as we sat there talking with the school secretary, he seemed like he wanted to cry. But that kid...he never cries. Oh - he cries if you cut his waffle wrong. Or if he misses an all-new episode of iCarly. But for a skinned elbow or a...snipped nose? Nope. No crying here.

But he's OK. We got him home and cleaned his cut and put a little band aid strip on him so that it wouldn't get messed with accidentally. (Little boys have a way of rubbing their faces on carpets, couches, stuffed animals, etc.)

The school gave me a paper with "Ouch Report" printed on top. The incident was described as: "Snipped nose with scissors in class". Add that to the list of phrases I'd never thought I'd hear.

Back to the Grind...

Haven't quite gotten back in the swing of things after our trip. This is the hallway - every room in our house pretty much looks like this:


Aaaaah...much better now...


I cleared out the hallway, but now my room has all the sorted laundry. Notice how high the underwear pile is!

All in a day's work...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reunion Time!

It seems like only yesterday that I posted about my class reunion coming up, and about how I needed to lose some weight for it! But it's here - tomorrow morning we leave for our weekend trip to see all my old friends! I am excited!

I managed to lose about 12 lbs - not quite the 20 I wanted to...but still, its something! The best part is that I think I have changed some habits so that I can keep going until I lose those 40 lbs I need to. (30 lbs left to go!)

I wish today weren't' so busy so that I could spend the day packing, but what the heck, I'll pack tonight. Little Boy has a 1/2 day at school, and then we go the dentist for both our check ups. (Our dentist is about 30 minutes away - I refuse to find one closer because I've been going to his office for 11 years!) So, assuming there's no traffic, we'll probably be home around 4pm or so. After which, I've got to do laundry so that I can actually have something to pack. I hope to leave around 9am tomorrow morning, which will get us to my hometown around 5 or 6pm.

I'll be posting photos remotely on my other blog - my "picture blog", so keep on eye on that for a peek at the fun I'll be having!