Friday, October 10, 2008

Ouch Report

When I saw the caller ID at 1:45pm, I wondered what was wrong. It was my son's school. And the secretary took so long to get to the point...


Hiiiii...Thiiiiiis iiiis Jennnniiiifffeerrr froooommm schoooool. (pause) I haaaaave yooouuuur sonnnn iiiiiin the offffiiiiicce...

I wanted to yell - JUST TELL ME IF HE'S OK!!!!!!!!!!


Well, the sum of the matter was that he cut himself with scissors.

On the nose.

Yeah - he cut his nose with scissors.


Is he crying? - I asked.

- No, He's doing ok, he's not crying.

Is it bad enough to need stitches?

- No. But it's bleeding a bit. (pause) Actually, the bleeding seems to be stopping now, he's been applying pressure.

OK. So we should come get him then.

(By this time, Hubby, who had picked up the phone at the same time and heard the whole thing, was running around looking for his shoes and his keys.)


We walked in and there was that sweet little boy, sitting in the office with his feet dangling from the chair, holding an ice pack wrapped in a paper towel against his little nose. I had him remove the towel so I could see. On the tip of his nose, there was a little red "U". He had cut the tip. The bleeding seemed to be almost stopped. He kept dabbing it, and leaving little red "u" prints on the towel. But then as we sat there talking with the school secretary, he seemed like he wanted to cry. But that kid...he never cries. Oh - he cries if you cut his waffle wrong. Or if he misses an all-new episode of iCarly. But for a skinned elbow or a...snipped nose? Nope. No crying here.

But he's OK. We got him home and cleaned his cut and put a little band aid strip on him so that it wouldn't get messed with accidentally. (Little boys have a way of rubbing their faces on carpets, couches, stuffed animals, etc.)

The school gave me a paper with "Ouch Report" printed on top. The incident was described as: "Snipped nose with scissors in class". Add that to the list of phrases I'd never thought I'd hear.


  1. Ok.. so I read your blog. I honestly know this was really scary because I would have run out of the house barefoot and in my jammies to get my baby. Now, I was telling hubby about what happened and told him that I felt your pain but couldn't help laughing. I told him all I could think about all day long was "little boy". I was soooo curious as to what made him decide that he would put the scissors up against his nose and "squeeze" LOLLLL He's such a cute lil feller and it gave me such a chuckle. He was curious, he did it, mom and dad panicked... ahhh... he's funny. I'm not saying that you didn't have every right to be worried but he is so funny... keeps you on your toes! I just want to say, after everthing that he might have been thinking, I'm really glad he still has a nose :) Hubby says... think of three things that he asks himself... #1 Is he still breathing, #2 Is there any permanent damage, #3 Do I have to PAY for anything??? LOL He says if the answer is no to all three is no, you need to get little boy a babysitter and go and celebrate!

  2. Awww poor little guy, what a brave little man. I am glad he is okay and didn't need stitches. When I see the school calling on caller ID I also think... get to the point... I already know who is calling. HUGS