Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Come Back!

I decided to try the Swiffer Wet Jet. Just for kicks. And because Sam's Club had the starter kit.

I have a linoleum floor in my kitchen. It's white and has little grooves where all the dirt gets trapped. I have, on occasion, gotten on my hands & knees and taken a green scouring pad and scrubbed each groove until my floor looked all white. But mostly, I just mop as best I can, and live with the linoleum floor that I'm not that crazy about...knowing that one day we'll put in a good floor.

Anyway - back to the Wet Jet.

I tried it. And I could not believe how DIRTY the cleaning pad was after the first run-through.

But I was thrilled that maybe...just maybe..I could finally get those little grooves clean! Woohoo!

Below are photos of the first, second and third cleaning that I did - one right after the other. Yuck! Disgusting! I'm almost embarrassed to show the photos.

But, Wow! I am sold on the Wet Jet - it definitely lifts the dirt off your floor, don't ya think?

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