Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reunion Time!

It seems like only yesterday that I posted about my class reunion coming up, and about how I needed to lose some weight for it! But it's here - tomorrow morning we leave for our weekend trip to see all my old friends! I am excited!

I managed to lose about 12 lbs - not quite the 20 I wanted to...but still, its something! The best part is that I think I have changed some habits so that I can keep going until I lose those 40 lbs I need to. (30 lbs left to go!)

I wish today weren't' so busy so that I could spend the day packing, but what the heck, I'll pack tonight. Little Boy has a 1/2 day at school, and then we go the dentist for both our check ups. (Our dentist is about 30 minutes away - I refuse to find one closer because I've been going to his office for 11 years!) So, assuming there's no traffic, we'll probably be home around 4pm or so. After which, I've got to do laundry so that I can actually have something to pack. I hope to leave around 9am tomorrow morning, which will get us to my hometown around 5 or 6pm.

I'll be posting photos remotely on my other blog - my "picture blog", so keep on eye on that for a peek at the fun I'll be having!


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