Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Again With The Weight Thing

Alright, people...I need to lose 5 lbs in 3 weeks. Sounds pretty easy. But that means...no fresh peach pie (see below), no Sam's Club-size bags of Doritos in the house, no fun BBQ's with friends, and definitely no stopping at my mom's house on an empty stomach! (Ok, so its too late for that last one today...but in the future...)

(Sigh)....reminds me of last time I was planning a trip to see some old high school friends. Yeah, I can just be happy being my old chubby self, until all of sudden, out of nowhere, a trip to see old friends comes up! Discipline is a wily and evasive creature...but I've discovered that with the proper motivation...I can capture him! At least for while...

I know we're talking about weight loss here, but I just gotta tell you how excited I am that I made a pie! I. Made. A pie.


OK, so I used the Pillsbury prepared pie crust...but still, I picked the peaches off my little tree, sliced them up, mixed them up with all the pie-ish stuff...and baked it! Now that I see how easy it was to do, I might even throw caution to the wind next time and make my own crust.

But that'll have to be after I lose those 5 lbs.

Just for the record...I need to lose 40. But I figure losing 5lbs will take me back to - at very least - the weight I was last time I saw these friends. ha!

Which reminds me, I've been working with a fitness trainer for a few weeks. She's part of a Networking group I belong to, and she offered the members a super duper good price, so I took advantage of it. We arent doing anything that I couldn't do myself at home....(did I mention that wily creature called "Discipline" already?)...but with her, I am forced to go, even when I dont feel like it. And believe me, there have been plenty of mornings that I haven't felt like it. I only see her twice a week, so I reeeeeeaaaally need to do something on my off days...like walk or something. I keep saying that. But that's about all...I just "say" it.

I swear I just saw that wiley creature stick his tongue out at me...

I guess that's it for now. Little Boy's playing at a neighbor's house, so I'm gonna head on over to my jewelry making studio (aka...the table in the corner of the office) and play with some beads. This weekend I made a bunch of sparkly, glassy, crystally stuff. But today is definitely a gemstone day.

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