Monday, February 16, 2009

Dog, Fences and Daytrips

I've been working on Part II of my posts on Anxiety (for Part I, go here). I'm not quite finished, and I have to admit, it's a hard one to write. Anxiety is the kind of thing that seems to come back when you think about it. So, let me just say - I'm working on it slowly, carefully, cautiously and prayerfully. As soon as I it ready, I'll post it.

Meanwhile, things have pretty good. Besides last week when our dog ripped his paw open on a sharp end of a rolled up wire fence. I proclaim on a pretty regular basis how I dislike that dog...yet, he had a bit of trouble under anesthesia when they were suturing his wound - and the vet told us that his heart rate kept getting slower and slower and that she was afraid they would lose him on the table. (He's fine now). But I almost busted out crying in the middle of Petsmart when I heard that. Go figure. Maybe I kinda like him after all. (These are pics of him waiting to see the doc.)

Speaking of the dog - it was raining today and he refused to leave his little warm kennel to go out and do his business. So I'm standing by him, and all of a sudden, he starts growling and barking viciously! I about jumped out of my skin! Sheesh! Scared the bajeebers out of me. I could not imagine what he was barking at! Until I looked out the sliding door and saw this little wet dog roaming around our yard. I recognized him as the next door neighbor's dog! I peeked outside and saw the fence between us and our neighbors was DOWN. Yup, just laying flat on the grass, with a huge opening into the neighbors yard. The people (who are new renters) were not home. Finally, hubby's friend came and helped him prop up the fence and stabilize it until it can be fixed. Did I mention it's pouring rain outside? That was a fun task in the rain.

This weekend we took a day trip to Balboa Park in San Diego to see a couple of museums. We picked the Science Center and the Automotive Museum. It was pretty fun. But what really caught my eye was all the "life" going on around me. While the town I live in is large, it has a small town feel. So when I get to the "city", it's always interesting to see everything going on there. For example, there was a guy with a mic and speaker preaching the gospel to passerbys. There was also a group of people wearing t-shirts that said "Hug it Forward", and they were walking around giving hugs. Hubby said hi to a homeless guy and handed him a couple of bucks. Then he turns to me and says, "Why aren't the huggers hugging that guy?" I had to agree.

At one point, I stood, and looked from my far left all the way to my far right. and this is how it scanned: Lone guy playing the sax for money...homeless guy digging in the trash can...table with tarot card reader...people walking their greyhounds (about 25 dogs in all)...Hug It Forward people air preacher preaching...Young couple having their engagement photos playing by the fountain...two police officers on of people in black trench coats and white or purple of little girls arriving for a birthday party.

Here's hubby and Little Boy by the fountain...
Yup, people-watching was fascinating, but we had a great time at the museums as well. There was a machine at the Science Center that took your pic and then "aged" you. Little Boy tried it and at 25 yrs, he looked just like his big brother! We went to Spreckels Organ Pavilion, which is beautiful outdoor theater. The photo here is from my phone, so it's not real good quality, but it came out kinda cool with the sun shining down. All the old buildings at Balboa Park are really beautiful, so its nice to just walk around looking.

Today is President's Day, so Little Boy is home from school he's got a friend over, and they're a little bored cuz its raining and they can't go outside to play (although if I said the word, they'd be out in the rain in 2 seconds flat!) But for now, they are watching movies (Over the Hedge & Surf's Up) Meanwhile, I am sitting here, with you, and I'm starting to get a little cold in this office. Its 52 degrees outside, which is FREEZING COLD to me, but I realize that's a nice day for those of you in the colder parts of the world. I can see the snow on the mountains around us, and that makes me feel even colder! I think I'll go make myself my favorite tea - Good Earth Original

Til next time!

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