Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Hate Wet Socks

After I take a shower, I crack the shower stall door open, ever so slightly...I squeeeeeze my fingers out...grab the corner of my towel...and...quickly snap the towel into the shower stall and shut the door.  Why? Well, because I like to stand in the steamy warmth of the shower stall while I dry myself.  And the bonus to this is that I don't go out into the cold bathroom while I'm still dripping wet. 

But boys?  Well, they're different.  They jump right out of the shower while they're still in the process of turning off the water, and they stand there, dripping wet... and shivering. 

Now, its certainly OK if they choose to stand there and shiver..but the 'dripping' part..well, that's where they drag me into their actions.  At some point, I walk through the bathroom wearing socks, and I inevitably step on the puddles of water that they've left...which soaks my socks...which makes me cold...and I hate to be cold...which is why I dry off in the shower stall.  

Its definitely interesting to be the only female in a home of boys.  None of them- including my husband - have any idea what its like to live with a sister.  They think that their "boy ways"  are just the way the world works.

Lets not even talk about the toilet seat. 

Or the bodily functions.

Or the coughing and overly exaggerated gagging & sputtering that takes place when they get a whiff of...gasp...HAIRSPRAY! girlie!!!

And, I've had to learn to watch things like "Cops", or Nascar, or Surviver Man.  And I get NO sympathy about how long it takes me to get ready to go out the door (it only takes me 1/2 hour!).   And since I've been dumb enough to boast about how "strong" I am, I get no help toting a case of water into the house from the garage. 

But...I dont have to buy them 10 different pairs of shoes in various styles...or lots of different outfits.  They're happy to wear their favorite jeans and t-shirts every day.  And I dont have to worry about anyone playing in my make up.  (Heck, I have a hard time making them wear DEODERANT!)  And they sure do love their Mama.  :) 

BOYS?  I  Love 'em!  (But I seriously hate wet socks.)

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  1. Cute story and I can relate. Happy New Year!