Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nothing Today

Today is Thursday.

Laundry Day. PTA Meeting. Soccer Practice. Dishes are piled (not too high - Thank You, Lord). Nerf Guns and Darts all over the Living Room. Bills to Pay. No Milk in the fridge. We're out of Bar Soap. Out of Dog Food.

I woke up at 5:30 with a headache. Felt like someone had shoved a sharp pencil in the base of my skull and had it exit out my forehead. I took some Excedrin at 6. Figured I'd feel good by 6:30.

I didn't.

Somehow got Little Boy ready for school and got him there.

Came back and jumped in bed. Counted the minutes til I could take MORE DRUGS!!! at 10:30, I took some Motrin. (after googling if I could take Tylenol and Motrin together...)

I felt nauseous. My poor hubby kept calling me to see if I was OK.

I got up to get the ice pack and put it on the base of my head. It felt good. I somehow fell asleep for a bit. Not long, though.

I got up at 12:30 and had a cup of coffee cuz I figured my body is used to the caffeine and I certainly don't need a caffeine headache on top of this one.

I paid some bills.

I ate a soup.

I got an email from some health site that said that lack of water is a cause of headaches. I have seriously neglected any water intake the past few days.

Filled my sipper.

Its 2pm and I should probably take a shower before I pick up Little Boy.

I feel like blowing off the PTA meeting and soccer practice. I could if I wanted to.

Well, I could.

The world wouldn't end. At least not because of that.

I feel slightly better, but still kinda dizzy.

Gonna shower now.

Accomplished nothing today.


  1. Hope your having a better day today than yesterday. I was catching up on some of your blogs and thought I'd comment :) I read your blog on the fabric softeners and it go me to thinking (or should I say stressing). I've heard about it clogging the lint screen before but kept putting it in the back of my mind until I read your blog about it. I got nervous thinking that I really should clean it before my dryer catches fire. Mind you, I've had this dryer for about 13 years and have never washed the lint screen. I grabbed it out of the dryer and told hubby, "come in the kitchen, you have to see this! Sooo, I take it to the sink, turn on the water annnnnnd... the water ran right through it! No build up on the screen. What a let down lol. I thought hubby was going to see a truly incredible thing and he just sat there and stared at me like "you put a screen under water and the water passes through it.. so?" It gave me a chuckle but also surprised me because my lint screen was actually fine. All that worry I've been doing for nothing. I still cleaned it anyway. And speaking of laundry, I don't have such a thing called a "cut-off" load. I have just ONE load that never ends. No matter how many clothes I pull out of the pile to wash, it never gets any smaller! I put one load in and another load gets added. *sigh* - the joy of laundry.

  2. Hey, this day sounds familiar!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier :)